In this article I am going to try and explain the basics of Backlinks, how they are useful and which techniques can be used to make them work for you. Please note that in some of the examples that follow the Link building methods mentioned are only applicable to websites.

For me the best way to explain backlinks is to state that they are a form of content. But I should add that all content needs to be unique, relevant and of the highest quality.

Each piece of content on the Internet is always written by a human being with different content to offer to interested readers. All of this material has to be unique, of good quality and most importantly relevant to the search terms of the site.

As a result you need to constantly strive to write original and interesting content to make sure that your links are always active. If they are not you have just lost out on a potential visitor or client and that is no good for anyone.

The other side of the coin is that if you do not write original material it will take time to build backlinks for you. This is especially true of content that is created for the benefit of other websites.

If the links are in fact not in your content then it is likely that the search engines will penalize your site as a result. You can use the method of adding a resource box at the end of the article where visitors are offered additional information that was not directly relevant to the article itself.

When using this method it is very important to ensure that the original author is credited for the content on your site. The content must also be original.

Another technique that works to increase your backlinks is by submitting to directories. This involves using a URL submission tool and this is not just an easy task but there are lots of requirements in order to submit to directories effectively.

Using directories is very effective for a number of reasons that I will detail in a later article, but one of the reasons is that major search engines use them to index your website. That means they are actually ranked by Google and many other leading search engines.

The next technique that can help your search engine rankings is to constantly add new content to your site. The best way to do this is to create new articles that are fresh and relevant to the contents of your site.

You can add new content by posting comments on blogs, sending emails to clients, sending articles to directories and so on. There are many ways to add fresh content to your site and you should spend some time finding the best ones that are best suited to your site.

In conclusion I would like to state that these two very useful techniques can greatly increase your backlinks. Using both of them can result in you having more links from one article to another.