SEO has many different approaches that you may or may not have known. They are Black Hat, Gray Hat and White Hat approaches.  There are many SEO practitioners out there who are trying to follow different methods to help gain instant attention. These approaches mentioned here have different philosophies to them especially when it comes to exploring.


Black Hat SEO

There are many organizations out there who are aiming to get the rank for their content quick and earn some quick bucks in the process. In Black Hat SEO, there are many tactics that focuses on optimizing the content. This is where the organization do not aim for the human visitors who will read and navigate the site rankings. These organizations will bend the rules trying to improve their ranking and earn some quick money. This approach is often difficult and is generally put up under spam. Although, these sites can rank quickly they are penalized or banned quickly. If you are looking to take up this technique just know that this method will not give you a very sustainable site. This is a very aggressive, volatile and very discouraged method of approaching an SEO ranking process.

Gray Hat

Gray Hat SEO

This is a mix of White hat approach and the black hat approach. It is not generally the point where your website might get banned but in most cases the tactics they involve will venture them into the Black Hat SEO territory which can be penalized. These tactics they use are unnatural keyword density. They can produce duplicate content from several websites which is seen as spam. It also includes irrelevant links. Although, the tactics used to gain certain growth might be a danger but the whole process is based on the concept of using few elements of white hat and black hat SEO.


White Hat SEO

This is one of the most acceptable and ethical philosophy of SEO. This is the process where the search engines and both humans put in efforts to make the website risk free. It is one of those approaches that involves a lot of clicks and reading contents. The main goal of white hat SEO is to produce the best content which s easy to read and navigate. They also follow the rules of optimization to help them get better ranking. Although, it might not get you the ranking quickly but is one of the most sustainable online business which can produce online traffic. And overtime you can bring in these practises to create a more effective content where visitors can engage and give your website the value of having the ranking in the search engine result page.